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Biovex International Is One of The Leading Supplier of Bacterial Vaccines

Bacterial disease can be prevented by the injection of a weakened / killed microorganism to stimulate the immune system against the microorganism, thereby preventing from a bacterial infection. Bacterial vaccines typically contain antigens, which are proteins or other molecules found on the surface of the bacterial cells. These antigens stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies, which are proteins that can specifically recognize and bind to the antigens. When a person is exposed to the same type of bacteria in the future, their immune system can quickly produce the antibodies needed to neutralize the bacteria and prevent infection.

Bacterial vaccines can be made in several different ways, but most commonly they are made from a killed or inactivated form of the bacterial pathogen, or from a component of the bacteria such as a protein or carbohydrate. When a person is vaccinated with a bacterial vaccine, their immune system recognizes the foreign substance and mounts a response to it, producing antibodies that can protect against future infections with the same type of bacteria. Some bacterial vaccines may also contain a small amount of live, attenuated (weakened) bacteria, which can stimulate a stronger immune response. Bacterial vaccines are important tools for preventing infections and controlling the spread of bacterial diseases.

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BCG Vaccine

BCG vaccine is a live, attenuated strain of Mycobacterium bovis, a bacterium that is closely related to the one that causes tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). When the immune system encounters the bacterium in the vaccine, it produces white blood cells and antibodies to fight off the infection. These immune cells and antibodies remain in the body and provide protection against TB if the person is exposed to the bacterium in the future.


• BCG vaccine is primarily used against tuberculosis.

• BCG vaccine is typically administered by Intradermal Injection.

•    Each dose of 0.1ml.

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Cholera vaccine is a serious bacterial infection that causes severe diarrhoea, dehydration, and death. It is made from live, attenuated (weakened) Vibrio cholerae bacteria.

This vaccine is recommended in these circumstances like in areas where the local transmission of cholera occurs during humanitarian crises with a high risk of cholera.

The vaccine provide immunity against Cholera in all age groups of 1 year and Older.


• Cholera vaccine primarily used against Cholera Disease.

•  This vaccine is recommended for Oral administration.

•    Each dose of 1.5ml.

Meningococcal supplier-Biovex.jpg
Meningococcal Vaccine Group ACYW13

The meningococcal vaccination (Group A, C, Y, and W-135) works by initiating a minor infection to help build immunity. The immune system of the body is stimulated to make antibodies (proteins) to defend against any future infections, even though this form of infection does not actually cause illness.

Meningococcal vaccine is primarily used against invasive meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitides serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135. 

•    Meningococcal vaccine is typically administered by Subcutaneous and Intramuscular Injection. 

•    Each dose of 0.5ml.

Typhoid polysaccharide supplier-Biovex.jpg
Typhoid Vi Polysaccharide Vaccine

It is highly purified Vi capsular polysaccharide of Salmonella Typhi Ty2. This vaccine is primarily used against Typhoid infection characterized by high and prolonged fever, fatigue, loss of hunger, abdominal pain and rash. 

Typhoid can lead to serious complications like prolonged fever that can last for weeks or months.

•    Typhoid Vi Polysaccharide Vaccine is typically administered by Intramuscular Injection. 

•    Each dose of 0.5ml.

typhoid conjugate supplier-Biovencer.jpg

Typhoid Conjugate vaccine is slightly turbid liquid containing the purified Vi capsular polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi Ty2 which is conjugated to Tetanus Toxoid carrier protein. Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine uses a conjugate to make the vaccine more effective. A conjugate is a combination of a protein (called an antigen) and a carbohydrate, which are joined together to form a complex.

• Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine is typically administered by Intramuscular Injection. 

•    Each dose of 0.5ml.

Meningococcal A & C supplier-Biovex.jpg
Meningococcal Vaccine A&C Group

Meningococcal Polysaccharide vaccine is to be used to protect against cerebrospinal meningitis and other diseases caused by Neisseria meningitidis (Group A & C). Vaccination is recommended in endemic areas and for travellers to countries with epidemic meningococcal disease.

  • Each dose (0.5ml) of vaccine contains: Purified Polysaccharide of Neisseria meningitidis

  • Administered through Intramuscular and subcutaneous route

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