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Meningococcal Vaccine group ACYW135

Generic Name: 

Meningococcal Vaccine group ACYW135


Meningitis or meningococcemia is caused by Neisseria meningitidis (groups A, C, Y, W135) bacteria. It can be serious and life-threatening. Various neurological and immunological complications are commonly associated with underlying disease.

Meningococcal disease may include meningitis (a severe and potentially life-threatening inflammation of the membranes lining the brain and spinal cord) and/or life-threatening blood infections. Meningococcal disease can cause loss of limbs through amputation, hearing loss, nervous system problems, intellectual disability, seizures, and stroke.

Travelers heading to disease prone areas should be vaccinated at least 15 days in advance. During epidemic, children between 3-18 months need to be vaccinated 3 months apart. Revaccination is recommended in children at high risk areas who were vaccinated below 4 years of age.


Each dose (0.5 ml) of vaccine contains :

Meningococcal Vaccine-Biovex
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Pharmaceutical Form:

Freeze dried Lyophilisate powder


Method of Administration:

Reconstitute the lyophilisate with the entire contents of the diluent provided with the vaccine. Inject 0.5 mL as a Subcutaneous or Intramuscular injection.



0.5 mL per administration


Available as single-dose vials with syringes or as 10-dose vials with appropriate diluents.

Possible Side Effects:

Reactions to vaccination usually consist of local injection site reactions (pain, redness), transient high fever, headache, and vomiting in children.


This may include hypersensitivity to any of the vaccine components. Ongoing acute or chronic illness like fever, severe infection, persistent Diarrhoea, vomiting.

Shelf Life:

Product is good to use for 24 months from the date of manufacture.



Store at +2° C to +8° C.

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