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Oral Cholera Vaccine

Generic Name: 

Oral Cholera Vaccine


The vaccine is a liquid version of the oral cholera vaccine that contains Vibrio cholerae strains O1 and O139 that have been heated or formalin-inactivated. The vaccine complies with WHO cholera standards. Cholera is an infection that causes severe watery diarrhea that, if left untreated, can lead to dehydration and even death. It is caused by eating food and drinking water contaminated with a bacteria called cholerae. 


Vibrio cholerae is a Gram-negative, highly motile, curved, rod-shaped bacterium with a single polar flagellum. V. cholerae are divided into approximately 206 serogroups according to the composition of the major surface antigens (O) of lipopolysaccharides. Only two serotypes of V. cholerae, O1 and O139, are believed to cause cholera epidemics.


Each dose of vaccine contains :

Cholera Vaccine-Biovex.jpeg
Cholera Vaccine-Biovex.jpeg

L.E.U.*: Lipopolysaccharide ELISA Units

Pharmaceutical Form:

Liquid Suspension


Method of Administration:

1.5 mL of the vaccine should be squirted into the mouth. Take a sip of water if necessary.



1.5 ml dose, 2 given


10 x 1.5ml Dose vial.

Possible Side Effects:

After taking the vaccines, adverse drug reactions were examined for a period of 28 days. 69 subjects (2.30%) among 2,999 subjects were reported with the adverse effects, and Gastrointestinal disorders were reported the highest numbers i.e., 35 subjects (1.17%). The adverse drug reactions during the study (28 days). (Uncommon: 0.1~5%, Rare: less than 0.1%)


1. People who have a history of severe reactions to a previous dose of the vaccination or who are known to be hypersensitive to any of its components should not get the vaccine.

2. The administration of the Cholera vaccine should be postponed in cases of any acute disease, such as severe febrile sickness or acute gastroenteritis.

Shelf Life:

The vaccine has a 24-month shelf life from the date of production.



The vaccination needs to be kept between +2°C and +8°C. Do not Freeze.

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