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Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine

Generic Name: 

Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine


This vaccine is used to prevent typhoid fever. Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection.

It is caused by Gram-negative bacteria of the Salmonella typhi species. Typhoid fever is

It is characterized by persistent high fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and rash. Typhoid fever can cause serious complications, including: persistent high fever that may last for weeks or months. Typhoid fever can be treated with antibiotics, but treatment is becoming more complicated due to increasing resistance to different types of antibiotics. Typhoid fever is a serious infection, but it can be prevented by vaccination.

Vi Capsular polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi alone elicit B cell responses, but the conjugation of bacterial polysaccharide to a protein carrier provides foreign peptide antigens that are presented to the immune system eliciting antigen-specific CD4+ Th cells, referred to as T-dependent antibody responses.


Each Single dose (0.5ml) of vaccine contains:

Purified Vi-Capsular Polysaccharide of S. typhi Ty2

Tetnus Vaccine-Biovex.jpeg

Each Multi dose (2.5ml) of vaccine contains:

Purified Vi-Capsular Polysaccharide of S. typhi Ty2

Tetnus - Biovex.jpeg

Pharmaceutical Form:

Suspension for Injection


Method of Administration:

Intramuscular injection



Single dose of 0.5mL


This vaccine is in USP type 1 glass vial and Pre Filled Syringes Single dose Vial : 0.5 mL Single dose PFS : 0.5 mL Multi dose Vial : 2.5 mL

Possible Side Effects:

Common side effects of Typhoid vaccine are pain, redness, or swelling at place of injection, fever, headache, and muscle pain. 


This vaccine may lead to hypersensitivity to any constituent of the vaccine, Pregnant & lactating women and in the event of fever or severe infection.

Shelf Life:

The vaccine has a 24-month shelf life from the date of production.



Store at +2°C to +8°C. Do not freeze. Discard if frozen.

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