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Peste Des Petits Ruminant Live, Attenuated Vaccines, I.P.

Generic Name: 

Peste Des Petits Ruminant Live, Attenuated Vaccines, I.P.


The PPR vaccine is a live attenuated virus vaccine (Sungri 96 strain developed by I.V.R.I., India) manufactured using the Vero cell line adapted PPR virus. Viruses are grown in lyophilized Vero cells mixed with stabilizers. Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is an acute, highly contagious, OIE notification required, and economically important transboundary virus of sheep and goats with high morbidity and mortality caused by PPR virus. It's also a sexually transmitted disease.


This vaccine contains not less than 102.5 TCID50 of PPR vaccine virus. In addition, the vaccine contains as stabilizer  Lactalbumin hydrolysate & Sucrose .


A vaccine indicated for the prophylactic immunisation of sheep and goats against the Nigerian 75/1 strain of Peste des Ruminants (PPR) virus.

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Pharmaceutical Form:


Method of Administration:

The vaccine should be administered through a subcutaneous route.


100-dose vials packed together with the corresponding diluent.

Vaccination Schedule:

The first vaccination at 4-6 months of age provides lifelong protection in animals (sheep and goats).

The vaccine can be given to lambs and children over 3 months of age. Ideally, the vaccine should be given after calving or after the shearing season, or at the beginning of the breeding season.



Store in 2°-8°C Freeze-dried vaccines must be transported in iceboxes packed with ice packs and stored refrigerated, adhering to a strict cold chain.

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