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Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine, Live I.P (Intermediate Strain)

Generic Name: Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine, Live I.P (Intermediate Strain)


Infectious bursal disease (IBD) occurs worldwide in young chickens and is caused by the infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV). Symptoms of clinical illness include depression, watery diarrhea, ruffled feathers, and dehydration. Depending on the IBDV strain and the presence of maternal immunity, the disease can also present as clinical or subclinical disease in young chicks. In both clinical and asymptomatic forms of the disease, all pathogenic IBDV cause lesions in the fabricous bursa. The cloacal bursa may be enlarged and have a yellowish exudate on the surface.

This vaccine contains an attenuated moderately infectious bursal disease virus grown in chicken embryo fibroblast cultures derived from SPF eggs. Available in freeze-dried form.


 This vaccine contains ≥103TCID50 virus per dose


The vaccine contains live, attenuated vaccine used against Infectious Bursal Disease.

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Pharmaceutical Form:

Freeze Dried

Method of Administration:

Administer to the chick one drop of reconstituted vaccine orally or use drinking water method.


100, 200, 500 and 1000 dose vials.

Vaccination schedule:

Vaccinate at 12-14 days age and repeat at 4 weeks age.



Store the vaccine at 2o– 8o C. Vaccine diluent can be stored at room temperature in a cool area.

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