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Fowl Pox vaccine Live I.P.

Generic Name: 

Fowl Pox vaccine Live I.P.


The vaccine has proven to be harmless and stress-free when administered to day-old chicks and laying hens. Under normal conditions, it provides robust immunity (95% protection) to vaccinated chicks. In most fowlpox-prone areas, two doses of vaccination (repeated at 4-5 weeks of age and again at 14-15 weeks of age) completely prevent the disease.

Fowlpox (FP) is a viral disease of chickens, turkeys, and many other birds characterized by cutaneous lesions of wingless skin and/or diphtheria lesions of the mucous membranes of the upper gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. FP occurs with the cutaneous or diphtheria type, or both. Cutaneous forms predominate in most outbreaks. Lesions vary by developmental stage.

Papules, vesicles, pustules or crusts. Lesions are mainly located in the head area.


Each dose contains NLT 102.0 EID50 of Fowl Pox virus.


For active immunization of chickens against Fowl Pox disease.

FOWL POX-2.jpg

Pharmaceutical Form:

Live, Attenuated, Freeze Dried

Method of Administration:

Intramuscularly into the thigh region of chicks.


0.5 ml per chicken


100,500 & 1000 dose vial.

Shelf Life:

24 Months for the Manufacture



Store the vaccine at 2o-8°C. Chill the dilutions on ice 1 hour before starting the vaccination. Always keep reconstituted vaccine on ice during vaccination and use within 2 hours

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