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Fowl Cholera Vaccine, Inactivated

Generic Name: 

Fowl Cholera Vaccine, Inactivated


Avian cholera is a contagious bird disease caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. A variety of wild and domestic birds are susceptible to infection, and avian cholera outbreaks in wild waterfowl are not uncommon. Avian cholera can be acute or chronic, generalized or localized, and is characterized by sudden onset with high morbidity and mortality. 

Avian cholera is said to be a hyperinfection that is transmitted through contact between healthy and sick birds in an environment contaminated with Pasteurella bacteria. Stress appears to be an important factor in overcoming a bird's resistance. Cold, damp weather predisposes birds to the disease, and outbreaks are commonly observed in flocks of wintering waterfowl during winter.

This vaccine is an inactivated water-in-oil emulsion vaccine containing bacterins of highly immunogenic strain of Pasteurella multocida of avian origin.


Each dose contains NLT 1 PD70, an inactivated bacterial strain of Pasteurella multocida.


This vaccine was developed for use in chickens and turkeys. Bacterin doses contain large amounts of inactivated Pasteurella multocida. His two vaccinations in the late growing season give him a high level of immunity to protect the flock during the critical early stages of production when Tricholera is usually present.


Pharmaceutical Form:

Freeze Dried with diluent

Method of Administration:

subcutaneously in the lower back of neck or intramuscularly in thigh region


0.5mL per Bird


1000 doses is packed in 500 mL HDPE bottles.

Shelf Life:

24 Months for the Manufacture



Store in dark place at +2oC to +8oC. Protect from sunlight. Do not freeze.

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